Premier Server

More than a SCADA system, Premier Server provides GPS and client grouping for hosting service in cloud. Premier Server is designed to provide cloud data access over Internet. It collects data from data loggers into cloud database, and lets users to access worldwide in different platforms e.g. Windows, iOS andRead More

G7 Wireless Sensor

No more cabling in agriculture environmental monitoring! Wireless Sensors transmit data to base station in range 1200 meter. Sensor can be temperature, humidity, level, load cell or any standard industrial transducers in the market. G7 wireless sensor supports both analog and digital input.   Applications: IoT in Smart Factory &Read More

4G GPS Data Logger

4G Data Logger with GPS module Worldwide LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS coverage Uploads data on 4G/3G mobile network GPS provides quicker, more accurate and more reliable positioning   Multipoint Up to 8 digital temperature sensors Integrated 1 humidity sensor channel Extra 2 analog channels for other temperature or humidity sensorsRead More