Ultimate Server

Ultimate Server is specially developed for large scale data application.

  • Receive data from Data Loggers in UDP or TCP via GPRS, SMS, Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Real Time Heath Status Monitoring of data loggers, database and
  • Management of data, alarm, data loggers and clients in database
  • Alarm level setting for individual channel and data logger
  • Alarm Email & Alarm SMS Delivery
  • Support both Fixed IP & Dynamic Domain Name
  • Support 3 main types of database: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
  • Support redundant databases
  • Simultaneous Management of thousands incoming data by multi-threading technology
  • Support max. 999999 data loggers and 999 clients
  • Integrated Web Server supports live and historical data display in web browser
  • Both php and asp versions web server available
  • Support max. 99 groups (99 customers) in one single hosting
  • Support hosting in Cloud e.g. AWS, Azure

Working with following apps in different platforms:

  • Smart Client for Windows 10 (administrator)
  • Smart Viewer for Windows 10 (end user)
  • Smart Client for iPad
  • Smart Client for iPhone, Android Phone

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